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In 2013 our first baby was born, and I was so excited to start cloth diapering. But we soon realized that our baby’s skin was quite sensitive to disposable wipes, not to mention that I was throwing away those wipes at an alarming rate! This gave me an idea… 


I sewed up my first batch of flannel wipes and loved them so much that I made a set for another new mom. They loved them too! So, I thought "what else are we throwing away that could simply be replaced with something more eco-friendly?!" We now offer a full line of household cloth reusables with the goal of helping families care for the environment, while also saving money. 


Each item we make is sewn with love and care right here in Peterborough, Ontario.




"Functional, nice colours and designs, no problems shipping, good value. These are great to have around, handy for a multitude of uses -- cleaning, protecting surfaces, cushioning breakables, using as napkins or little hand towels, grabbing bowls from microwaves, between stacked teflon pots etc. They get admired so much I'm always giving them away and ordering more."

—  Brittany


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Email: cheeksahoywipes@gmail.com

Phone: 1.705.868.1215

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